About Sandhills Area Land Trust

logo-saltThe Sandhills Area Land Trust (SALT) is a community-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves Moore, Richmond, Scotland, Hoke, Cumberland, and Harnett counties in southeastern North Carolina. This service area incorporates much of the North Carolina Sandhills, a region of rolling sandy soils between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain. It is also home to the largest contiguous stands of longleaf pine forest in North Carolina, numerous wetlands, and dozens of rare plants and animals.

The mission of SALT is to conserve the rich natural resources and landscape heritage of the Sandhills Region in perpetuity. Since its founding in 1991, SALT has permanently protected more than 12,450 acres of working farms and forests, drinking water supplies, endangered ecosystems, and urban open-space in our six-county service region for the benefit and enjoyment of the citizenry today and future generations.

about-photo-2To learn more about SALT, please visit our website. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting us financially, you may do so here.

The Sandhills Heritage Gateway is a project of the Sandhills Area Land Trust (SALT), whose mission is to protect the rich natural resources and natural heritage landscape of the Sandhills Region of North Carolina. Our focus area includes Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Richmond and Scotland Counties.

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